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Sustainability Basics

Why is sustainability so important to us? What’s the deal with sustainable fibres? Why not just shop anywhere? Well to begin we're in a climate crisis right now and if we don’t stop and re-evaluate how we shop and where we shop it’s only going to get worse. I’m sure some of you have heard that fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry outside of oil, I definitely knew if I started anything I did not want to contribute to that I believe that sustainability can be a part of every business.

With all that being said we did not want to add to the negative impact the fashion world is making to our planet. So we looked into sustainability and how we could make that a priority in our business model. I also used to find (other than thrifting that’s always an amazing option) that sustainable brands were very expensive making sustainability to me very intimidating, that’s why I aim to make everything as reasonably priced as possible. Everything from the shop is handmade by me in Toronto, Canada and our fabrics are sourced both online and in person from local shops.

Now let’s talk fabrics! There are SO many amazing sustainable options some of my favourites are Organic Hemp Cotton, Tencel (Modal), and a classic Organic Cotton. I could write a whole other post on fabrics and in fact that is the next one I’m working on but for now I’ll give the basics on why sustainable fabrics are so important. Organic materials don’t use the pesticides that are used in non-organic materials those pesticides often end up seeping into the water supply and soil. Synthetic fibres often release microfibres into our water systems which contributes to the plastic in our lakes and rivers, washing one synthetic clothing item can release around 1900 microfibres into the water. This is why I always opt for sustainable fabrics first.

However, I also love dead stock fabrics. Dead stock material is great as it diverts waste from landfills. It is material that a company could have ordered too much of, or it could have small imperfections either way it comes from people who buy them (jobbers) and then resell them. Instead of the dead stock being tossed into a landfill it gets another life. I love dead stock because I often find great prints and fun colours, the only downside to it is that it is limited quantities so I can’t reorder any prints I love. Those are the sustainability basics for now! Another post will be up soon featuring a more in depth piece explaining more of the fabrics.

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