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Ethical, Sustainable, Slow Fashion

Our goal at vaaanesser is to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. We do this as a slow fashion brand by using end-of-line deadstock fabrics, thrifted fabrics or natural textiles as well as creating zero waste pieces with our offcuts and scraps which significantly reduce the amount of waste produced in our studios. Our main collections produce unique pieces in small batches. All garments are limited edition and are made of deadstock, natural textiles, or offcuts and other fabric remnants. We keep all of our scraps to produce new garments which we add to our one-of-a-kind zero waste collection as we are constantly striving to keep sustainability at the forefront of our brand.


Our story so far...

The brand was created in the summer of 2019 by our founder Vanessa as a summer project while on break from university and has continued to grow ever since, Vanessa has loved finding new ways to work with textiles that have reached the end of their initial purpose as well as second-hand materials that would not traditionally be used to create garments such as drapery and scraps which is one of the main ways the brand has come to focus on sustainability. All pieces are created in-house by Vanessa which helps reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for joining us on our ethical, sustainable, slow fashion journey. 

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